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I was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN, and I proudly call it home. My first memories of creating art originated at around 5 years old. Art is truly my passion in life and I currently travel the world extensively to develop further in my favorite genres of art, with my most passionate interest being my career in tattooing. I learned to tattoo from several different artists, and I have a thirst for knowledge that sends me all over the globe. Although I've only been tattooing full time for a few years, I am extremely dedicated to this passion that I am honored to call my career.


I love tattooing in styles similar to the ones in which I paint.  I love bright, bold bursts of color, and utilizing thick, bold lines along with fine lines and detail in the same piece of work.  Watching phenomenal international tattoo workers boosted my confidence to try bold and daring colors and styles!  The areas in which I always showed interest became areas that I wanted to perfect as a tattooer, all with the help of very positive and supportive artists.  As my passion for color tattooing developed, I also learned from my mentors that one of the keys to a successful career as a tattooer is never letting confidence overshadow humility.  Life's too short to be an asshole!


After my father passed away in 2011, I fell into a deep depression that kept me from painting and drawing, and I was barely tattooing.  After this went on for months, I decided that something had to give.  I needed to pick myself up to create again, and I needed inspiration to do it.  My father had traveled Europe extensively, and I knew that it was my turn.  I saved money for months, and I finally bought a one way ticket to Berlin, and a one way ticket home from London for 6 weeks later.  For 6 weeks I roamed entirely solo, with no plan at all.  I saw, I sketched, I observed, I laughed, I sobbed, and I became stronger.  And there my passion for traveling was born.
The next year I decided to spend a month.  One month turned to 5 months (sorry Mom!) because I was given the opportunities to study with some of the most talented and kindest artists in Europe.


Do Tattoos Hurt?

The answer is yes. Having needles pierce your skin hurts, though not as much as you expect it too when getting a tattoo. The proper question is 'How much does it hurt, and can I handle it?'  It's not nearly as bad as what you might imagine. This sensation doesn't feel like the pain of an injection - it's more of a constant vibration. You will be amazed at how quickly your body releases endorphins, which dulls the pain significantly/  The pain will also vary depending where on your body you get tattooed. Skin over the bone tend to be more painful than other areas.

How Much Do Tattoos Cost?

It completely depends on the size and complexity of the tattoo you choose. Pricing is set by taking the design's size into consideration, as well as what area of the body you are getting tattooed.  Pieces that have more detail and color changes will increase the length of the process.  Areas of the body that are more stretchy, such as stomachs, ribs, and lower backs, will also increase the length of tattoo time compared to a different part of the body would take (i.e. arms, legs). Large custom pieces may require enough time to complete that they need to be broken into multiple sessions. Most importantly, how you handle the process can dramatically increase or decrease the amount of time it takes me complete your piece. If you are able to calm yourself as much as possible and sit still I can complete your piece with more efficiency!

How Do I Get The Ball Rolling On Getting A Custom Tattoo?

Submit your idea via the “Contact” link on my page!  Please be very thorough when describing your ideas, body placement, and size.  If you would like to also send various images for references, please do.  The more references I have, the more likely I can create a concept that you will love.  Please note that I will not copy someone else's custom tattoo design under any circumstances.  It's rude!

Do You Tip A Tattoo Artist?

Great question! In a perfect world I wouldn't tip a server or stylist because I HAD too. The service should be better than just "good enough" which is what you get in most places. If a tattoo artist has gone out of their way to make things good for you, or really set you up with something sweet, than by all means. What's typical? $10-$20 bucks or about 10% of the cost.

Can I Touch Your Hair?

If you ask nicely and you appear as though you would have a gentle touch, then by all means.  But just as in most realms of life, don't go around touching anyone's hair and/or tattoos without their prior consent!  Just don't.  It's rude.

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